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A Kalatu Blogging Review – Is It A Scam?

If you’re looking to get involved with Empower Networks Kalatu Blogging platform I would seriously think again.

Now a lot of people who promote the Katatu blogging platform will tell you that it has a lot of authority in Google, which means that you’d rank for targeted keyword phrases extremely quickly and thereby get traffic to anyone of your offers very quickly.

Something that you need to keep in mind is that the CMS Katatu is based on is in fact a WordPress system.

The significance being, you can actually create and use WordPress (the same content management system as the Kalatu Blogging platform) for free at

So why would you pay for something that’s free?

Well as I mentioned before, some will suggest that it is because it is a viral blogging platform with a lot of authority in the search engines, but if you compare the authority between Kalatu and WordPress you’ll find WordPress has infinitely more authority than Kalatu.

This means that if you’re contemplating trying Kalatu based solely on piggy backing off if it’s blogging authority, you’ve been mislead.

Now as far as costs are involved, you’ll find that Kalatu basic package will cost you $25 per month whereas WordPress is FREE.

The Inner Circle Membership which has a number of audio training, has been designed to help you generate leads and traffic. This costs $100 per month.

So this increases your monthly costs to $125 per month.

Next is a one off fee of $500 for the Top Producer Formula, which is a compilation of video appearance from some top online marketers. These types of videos are good for motivation, but nothing else. I mean it is not going to help your business other than give you warm fuzzys about other people. If that kind of stuff is for you, then spending $500 bucks might be worthwhile to you.

The other side of the coin is that if you recruit someone and you haven’t bought this package yourself, then the commission goes to your sponsor.

So now we are $125 (paid out monthly) + $500 = $625.

The next one time fee is a $1000 Team Building Formula package, which is also a series of videos helping you to develop your team.

$625 + $1000 = $1625. Don’t forget you’re still paying $125 each and every month.

The next one time fee is $3500 for the Mass Influence formula which gives you access to a number courses that cover Niche marketing, Email marketing, and Perpetual marketing.

You can also get Katalu premium which is design to offer more functionality on the Katalu basic package. This will cost you an extra $72 per month, and it gives to some premium themes, some premium plugins, 7-minute bog hacks, Live Q & A, the ability to host up to 10 blogs and media hosting as well.

So here’s the thing.

You can get a lot of these costly one time package deals free or for a substantially lower price with a lot better quality.

There are other ways to make money online including survey companies. However, it is advised that you are aware of the pros and cons of survey companies like InboxDollars Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam? and Opinion Outpost. Understanding how much time you’ll likely spend completing surveys verse what you ultimately get paid can paint a very different picture.