Freelance Transcription Jobs – Work at Home For Free? It’s Definitely Possible!

Freelance transcription jobs are in great demand, and you should take advantage of the current demand as a transcriber so as to take home a few bucks for yourself. However, remember that to be really successful as a transcriptionist you must possess a good command over grammar, speed of typing and keyword awareness with all the necessary software required for the transcription job. Also, it helps to follow certain rules like keeping tabs on your typing speed at all times, keeping the dictionary and the terminologies updated. And if you want to increase your skills, then there are plenty of learning resources available. You can download tutorials for free, view online videos by using software or get a DVD or CD from your local library that will teach you about transcription.

freelance transcription jobs

But if you are a complete beginner, then it is advisable to start off with one of the many online courses that will help you to transcribe audio files. There are many websites that offer such training. You can even purchase softwares that will teach you how to transcribe audio files. As for keywords, these are essential since they are used by the transcription company to locate the file you are asked to transcribe. The importance of keywords cannot be stressed enough.

Before starting off, make sure you have sufficient knowledge about the medical terms, equipment and any other aspects of the medical field. Once you have a firm grasp on all these things, you can search for freelance transcription jobs, post your resume and start looking for work. Make sure that the payment you get is above the average rate as per the market and check out the feedback from past clients.

When you find the job of your choice, you should immediately register with the company. Before you actually start working on the projects, you should get all your projects registered under the site. This will ensure that you do not get sent more than you have already earned. When client requests for revisions or new audio files, you should immediately provide this. If the freelance transcription jobs site pays you per audio hour, you can work as many hours as you want, but only if the site pays you per project.

Many freelance transcription jobs sites will allow their clients to choose the payment mode. Some of them will pay you per audio hour, while others will pay you only after every project is completed. However, if you prefer to get paid right after every project is finished, then choose the site that pays you per project. This option has more advantages, as your clients can see your completed projects right away and make sure you are really capable of completing them before paying you.

If you really like the idea of earning money by working just from home, then freelance transcription jobs are the best jobs for you. However, do not think that transcription jobs will come your way without any effort. You should get a good education and training before starting off. As said earlier, you should register yourself on as many online transcription sites as possible. By doing so, you increase your chances of getting hired by big companies and also get lots of recording projects to complete.