How to Start a Doggy Daycare Business

how to start a doggy daycare

How to Start a Doggy Daycare Business

How to start a doggie day care is the question many new dog owners get as soon as they decide they want a doggie pet. It’s a big decision and one that can be very stressful for a new business. You have to think about all the aspects of running a doggie daycare, and you have to make sure it is right for you and your pet. But before you make any decisions about opening a doggie daycare, there are some things you need to know and understand. This article gives you the information you need on how to start a doggy daycare in no time at all. Once you know how to start a doggy daycare, it’s easy to find the business planning process.

Create a business plan. Before you begin your doggy day Care, do your research and create your business plan. Making your business plan will tell the rest of your decisions whether or not it is right for you and your pet. A good plan will tell you how much you will spend on equipment, insurance, marketing, and more.

Get insurance. Insurance is important when it comes to running a doggie daycare business. Most people own dogs, and many dogs need care on a daily or weekly basis. When you have a pet dog that is constantly sick, you may be exposed to overwhelming bills. Be sure to get liability insurance and other types of insurance.

Get a permit from your local government. All cities and towns have laws about owning doggy daycares. The local government may require a doggie daycare business to get a city permit before they can run their business legally. Ask the local government if they are familiar with your pet dogs, and find out if you can get a list of pet friendly neighborhoods.

Promote your doggy care services. There are many pet owners in the world that have dogs, and if you are opening a doggie daycare center, you will want to advertise to them. Talk to local newspapers, pet shops, and any other places that dogs are wanted. Offer to give away dog related gifts at your center, such as dog bowls, collars, and toys.

If you find that there aren’t any pet owners in the area that live near your dog play site, then you will need to consider offering services outside of the city limits. Consider offering pet sitters on a nightly or weekly basis. You could also offer dog obedience training or basic grooming services. Think about starting up an internet connection for your pet boarding business. Check out how the local government works with businesses when it comes to licenses and permits – this is another thing that the local government might consider if they are considering licensing your place of business.