Is Affiliate Marketing Saturated

I hear people talking about whether affiliate marketing is too saturated to get into in 2020.

And it really depends on a couple of things.

Some say that it was much easier back in the day , which is really not that long ago, we’re talking about 5 years ago.

I know, I know – 5 years is A LONG time if we’re talking about Internet time.

But the fact of the matter is people are still making a killing online in affiliate marketing.

So how are they doing it?

Well, here’s the thing …

Is Affiliate Marketing profitable?

It is true … some marketplaces online are saturated, which basically means that there is a plethora of advertisers and competing websites that if you were to enter them then you would definitely have a hard time trying to compete.

Having said that, there are hundreds and thousands of marketplaces that are virtually untapped, which means that just about anyone could enter them and start making money quickly.

Therefore the trick is to find niche markets that are NOT on most marketers radars.

If you can get into a few of these, then you can start making money fast and virtually undetected by the “big boys”.

So I knew this questions was coming up …

“How do you find these untapped marketplaces”?

Well, they are easier to find than you think.

And I’ll get into how you find them in a minute, but I just wanted to mention that trying to get into a very competitive niche is why most NEW affiliate marketers fail.

I know that this is what they do, because I did the exact same thing when I first started.

But here’s the rub …

Most experienced marketers have occupied that marketplace for months if not years, and they know what it takes to penetrate the market and then be able to stay there and still turn a profit.

The “little guy” as Arnold would refer to, doesn’t know that it takes a lot of money and resources to get in there and the stay there.

So it’s be like trying to get into golf and beat Tiger Woods … it just ain’t gonna happen.

It could if you have the time and money to develop the skill, but who’s got that. It’s that the reason most of us got into affiliate marketing in the first place – meaning we don’t have enough time or money.

So there are untapped marketplaces everywhere, but you have to put on your “niche” goggles to see them.

You know, like “beer” goggles.

Yeah well, anyway.

So to see untapped markets, you simply just have to become aware of them.

If you read magazines a lot, you’ll find a whole lot of little niches you can get into.

Things like homemade soap, what about homemade candles, how to care for exotic fish and the list goes on and on.

Use a directory like to find niches and sub niches.

This is definitely a good way identify some good markets for you to explore.