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Leadpages Review – Free Trial & Discount

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is a software tool that people use to create landing pages for books, webinars, courses etc. and to set up nice email sign up forms with ease. It makes it easier for you to convert the visitors to your site into customers. The key selling point for this software is the fact that it is very easy to use. It will only take you a few minutes for you to create a great landing page using Leadpages. Traditionally, this is something that would have taken several hours. It is also very easy to change and update your landing pages. You can easily connect to WordPress using a plugin. If you do not use WordPress, you should not worry because it provides HTML that you can put in the back end of your site.

Leadpages is no doubt the best and most powerful tools for creating a landing page. It has been built on template designs. You do not have to do any coding to be able to use it. You can create beautiful pages just from a few clicks. There are 100s of designs to choose from. The page editor tool makes it very easy for users to create pages that fits their needs. There is also a market place where users can buy custom designed pages. It is very easy to integrate pages with many email service providers.

How to make money with Leadpages

You can use Lead-Magnets to convince your readers to join your email list. The higher the number of emails that you have on your email list, the higher sale that you are going to make if you are selling a product or a service online. You can use Google Analytics to know the top preforming pages on your site. You can then create and give out simple things like guides on these pages. When visitors to your site get to these pages, they will receive an offer that requires that to subscribe. The responsive designs make Leadpages a great tool for you if you are looking for more mobile conversions. Easy hosting and integration options also help to make this tool be among the best ones in the market.

What are the Pros of Leadpages?

1. It is powerful and very easy to use

You will need a lot of coding to achieve the things that can easily be done by Leadpages. You will be able to create landing pages without effort when you are using this software. You can easily use this tool even when you have zero coding knowledge. It is easy to integrate webinar solutions and autoresponders.

2. Helps you to create landing pages in a few minutes

It can take several hours to make a landing page the traditional way. After working so hard for several hours to create an attractive landing page, the page may not be as attractive as the page that you can create using lead pages. You can create an attractive landing page using Leadpages in less than 5 minutes. When you use this tool, you will have more time to concentrate on other things that can help you get higher conversions.

3. You can use Analytic to get the best results

You can use Google Analytic to get all the information you need to get the most out of Leadpages. You can analyze different pages of your website to determine the best performing pages. You can then use these pages to get maximum returns from Leadpages.

4. Many different templates are available

There are a lot of templates available. This makes it possible for you to have a landing page that is unique. You will definitely find a template that suits you best.

5. It is cloud based

Leadpages is cloud based. This means that you will not have to go through long process of downloading different elements to install them to your site. This also makes it possible for you to do the things that you wish to do with speed.

6. Allows unlimited Leadpages and traffic

You can create as many pages as you want. There is no limit to the traffic that you can receive. More traffic means more money.

7. Short, helpful video tutorials are available

You may face hurdles along the way if it is your first time using Leadpages. However, there are many short video tutorials that will guide you at every step of the way. It will not take long before you master everything. You will get help for almost everything from these tutorials.

8. Very fast loading times

Landing pages made using Leadpages have very fast loading times. This will help a lot to keep visitors on your page and to reduce your website’s bounce rate.

9. Fast customer support

If you are stuck and you need help, you can easily contact customer support for help. They will respond to your questions or queries very fast.

What are the Cons of lead pages?

1. Some people may be put off by the monthly charges.

2. It does not integrate with all email providers.

3. You will incur an expense when you want to upload a custom template.

What are other people saying about Leadpages around the web?

Leadpages has received a lot of positive reviews. Most online marketers agree that Leadpages in an awesome marketing tool. It provides an easy way for them to generate leads for their businesses. People love the fact that everything is simple and super-fast once they sign up. The themes have been tested and fully optimized for maximum conversions. They love the fact that its easy for them to access several themes. Leadpages also provides them with the ability to make a custom design.

Final Verdict

Leadpages is a perfect tool for anyone who wants to build a list quickly and without much hustle. It has all the features that a serious marketer needs. Leadpages has always been striving to improve its marketing technology. This software continues to change the way online marketers do things. There are a few plans to choose from. When you decide to make use of Leadpages, you will get value for your money.

InstaPage Review – Free Trial & Discounts

What is InstaPage

InstaPage is software that focuses on individuals and their small business that are new to the marketplace. This software has a goal to help these individuals and companies to understand how to build good landing pages in a short time notice. InstaPage will help you with the optimization of your page, with test pages where it uses A/B split tools, and it can also help you to catch user date through different uses of forms.

InstaPage will help you to build complex layouts in a short time notice. It can also be used for building and publishing pages that behave like they are the part of your home website. With this InstaPage review, we will try to explain to you how the whole things work and what are the good and the bad sides of this software.

How do you make money with it?

In this InstaPage review, we will give you some guidelines on how to use InstaPage to get some easy money. The first thing is that if you are in a hurry or if you just don’t want to mess with the layouts and graphics, InstaPage offers you templates that can setup your page in a couple of minutes. When it comes to plaining, keep in mind three things:

• Idea

• Simplicity

• Split test

Once you are finished with all three of these, the bigger part of the job is done. It would be good if you had some basic knowledge of graphic design because it can help you with the creation of landing pages.

When you sign up to InstaPage, you can start with the landing pages building. The relief is that this process is really simple, and you can basically just drag and drop the elements and you will have your landing page in a couple of minutes.

InstaPage offers you a good choice of features that are available to you in the user dashboard. These features will help you to start with landing page creating. As we have mentioned, you will get some templates if design is not your thing, and besides that there is a possibility of automated optimization that will ease up the process even more. In the packet, you will get additional widgets and the possibility of performance tracking.

You can connect multiple accounts from your email, and have a chance to be more productive while using InstaPage. If you decide that you want to create your own designs, which is a smarter way, there is a undo/redo command that will help you if you make some mistakes. This adds to the simplicity and usability of the program.

InstaPage is a serious thing, and the creators of this program knew exactly what is essential for smaller businesses.

What are the Pros

The first thing to mention in this section of InstaPage review is that the program is user-friendly. Everything is crystal clear for the user, and you don’t have to worry about not managing to use it. You will spend less time reading and studding the commands of the program, and more time on actual projects and landing page construction. The commands are easy, and with the only couple of steps you can get your landing page created.

With the program, you will get access to the base of templates that you can use to create your landing page fast. All the templates are very appealing and well-designed.

The price of this software is more than cheap. The creators understand small business and individuals that run their jobs, so they have decided to make InstaPage affordable to everyone. The monthly fee is only $29! For this small amount of money, you can get incredible and simple software that can bring you great benefits.

If you do have something that needs to be explained, you can contact InstaPage support service. However, there is only email support, but much useful information can be found on the active blog where users are constantly updating content.

What are the Cons

Although most elements are straightforward and you won’t have any trouble with them, there can be a situation where you will need to try a little bit harder to finish the customization.

There is no custom HTML from the option. The only integration possible is with email providers, which are supported. However, there is a possibility to build the forms directly into the landing pages, but you will have to edit them from within your own email provider.

What are others saying around the web?

If you check around the web you will find many quality and detailed reviews of the InstaPage. There are also some customer comments, and the overall opinion is positive.

People are impressed with the InstaPage’s way of operation. In a couple of easy steps, you will have your landing page created. In addition, the comments are referring to the time saved with the use of InstaPage. There is even a possibility of mobile use, where the pages you make are specifically edited for mobile users. Even some beginners have said their opinion, and they are pleased with the simplicity of the program that allows them to easily do their job.

Final Verdict

In this InstaPage review we tried to give you a good analysis of important features of it, and in overall, this is one great program.

The first thing that you will like is the simplicity and the great level of customization in the visual editor. You can see how the page will exactly look after you finish with the creation. For the most part, of the process, you won’t have any issues with the elements.

InstaPage balances between the speed of the process and the level of customization, which makes it one great software since it is very hard to balance on the border between these two. If you are not a design expert then the variety of templates will be of a great use. There is even a possibility to edit these templates so they can fit any purpose. If you are interested in the program you can choose a 45-day trial, which is enough to see if InstaPage fits your needs.