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Instabuilder 2.0 Review

What is Instabuilder?

InstaBuilder 2.0 is a WordPress plugin that allows you create stunning, professional and highly responsive landing pages with a click of a mouse, even if you don’t have technical expertise. The plugin is an improved version of the popular webpage creator InstaBuilder and has taken the Internet by storm. This product is feature rich. It comes loaded with 90+ templates, split testing, and other features that would help online marketers succeed in the online world. The versatility of this tool gives newbie entrepreneurs, experienced marketers and passionate bloggers unlimited opportunities to expand their online businesses and make cash. Here is an in-depth Instabuilder 2 review.

Who is the author of this product?

The person behind this amazing tool is Suzanna Theresa, a respected WordPress developer and marketing veteran whose products have helped change how people sell their stuff online. Her first release was the original InstaBuilder which took the internet world by storm. The original version became an instant success thanks to its ease of use and functionality. She went on to release InstaBuilder 2.0 proving that she knows what she is doing, what people need and how to solve their problems. Her innovations have helped thousands of people turn their websites and blogs into a sales machine.

What kind of pages can you create?

With this software, you can create almost any webpage including Opt-in Pages, video sales pages, download pages, webinar sales pages, bonus pages, review pages, legal pages, webinar registration, membership pages, sales pages and more. There is no coding or programming required. Providing you know how to use your mouse, you too can start building professional, top notch marketing webpages in matter of seconds. You can either create your own page from scratch or use it extensive library that boasts more than 90 proven high converting templates ranging from the newest web 3.0 designs to retro IM-style pages.

What features does it come with?

InstaBuilder 2.0 comes loaded with unlimited features and options to help you create professional looking pages that will boost your conversion and increase sales. The product come with a flexible drag and drop builder that allows you move element wherever you want. The software also comes with 92+ done-for-you page templates that you can use to build professional marketing webpages even if you have no any technical skills. Other features include built-in image editor, split-testing feature and advanced analytics, video background feature, countdown timer, social sharing options, options to turn SEO settings off to protect privacy and download webpages.

How do you make money with it?

We all know that online marketing success largely depends on converting visitors into leads and consumers. While high web traffic is also important, conversion is what will keep you in business. Online marketers can use InstaBuilder 2.0 to create a wide array of pages for sales. Webpages created by Instabuilder 2.0 have a high conversion rate, increase sale and profits. They have a number of features you can use to find out what will work best for you. You will be able to boost your conversion rate from 10%-20% using Instabuilder 2.0. This would mean you get twice the subscribers you can market to and turn your business into a six figure enterprise.

What makes this product unique?

This webpage building tool is among the most customizable, easy-to-use drag and drop marketing website creation system out there. The fact that each aspect of each of the 100 templates is customizable to best suit your marketing needs makes it a unique and powerful software. You will find this software to be a cost and time saver, helping you create bonus pages for your promotions. With the price lower than other webpage creating tools and a plethora of options and features that come loaded with it, there is no doubt that this product is a no brainer.

What are the pros of this software?

When you compare this tool with other software out there, you will see it offers countless benefits. Below are some of its pros:

Users don’t need to enter any code or edit a single line.

It is easy to use. There’s no any special guidance required.

It is cheaper than many other webpage building systems out there.

Has a library full of high quality images, icons and buttons for your pages.

All created pages have 100 percent responsive design and are mobile friendly.

Come with option to switch off SEO settings to protect privacy and download pages.

You don’t have to pay on a monthly or annual basis. It is a one-time price product.

Come loaded with features to help you create highly converting, stunning pages within a few minutes.

Are there any cons of the product?

The only drawback is that it is hosted on your own server. But overall, it is one of the best marketing page creators on the market today. All small bugs have been fixed. The support is now friendly, relatable and knowledgeable. They will answer all the questions you may have promptly and provide the best technical support for your situation. Suzanna Theresa is trying to improve the product over time. Therefore, for someone who wants to turn his website into a money making machine, it’s quite obvious that this software is the best bet.

What are people saying about it?

InstaBuilder 2.0 is dedicated to customer satisfaction, which is why it has received many positive reviews online. The developer of this product has put her best effort into giving website owners what they want. A majority of people who have used it say they love the fact that the product comes with a host of awesome features and options that are easy to navigate. Some clients say that their customer care team is relatable, respectful and super-friendly and are fast to respond to them whenever they experience any technical glitch.

Final verdict:

Landing pages play a crucially important role when it comes to conversions. There’s no way you can make money online if your visitors don’t convert. Website owners whose visitors leave without converting to a lead need a tool like InstaBuilder 2.0 to create robust beautiful, highly responsive landing pages that convert. Give it a try today and you will see changes within a few days.

Leadpages Review – Free Trial & Discount

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is a software tool that people use to create landing pages for books, webinars, courses etc. and to set up nice email sign up forms with ease. It makes it easier for you to convert the visitors to your site into customers. The key selling point for this software is the fact that it is very easy to use. It will only take you a few minutes for you to create a great landing page using Leadpages. Traditionally, this is something that would have taken several hours. It is also very easy to change and update your landing pages. You can easily connect to WordPress using a plugin. If you do not use WordPress, you should not worry because it provides HTML that you can put in the back end of your site.

Leadpages is no doubt the best and most powerful tools for creating a landing page. It has been built on template designs. You do not have to do any coding to be able to use it. You can create beautiful pages just from a few clicks. There are 100s of designs to choose from. The page editor tool makes it very easy for users to create pages that fits their needs. There is also a market place where users can buy custom designed pages. It is very easy to integrate pages with many email service providers.

How to make money with Leadpages

You can use Lead-Magnets to convince your readers to join your email list. The higher the number of emails that you have on your email list, the higher sale that you are going to make if you are selling a product or a service online. You can use Google Analytics to know the top preforming pages on your site. You can then create and give out simple things like guides on these pages. When visitors to your site get to these pages, they will receive an offer that requires that to subscribe. The responsive designs make Leadpages a great tool for you if you are looking for more mobile conversions. Easy hosting and integration options also help to make this tool be among the best ones in the market.

What are the Pros of Leadpages?

1. It is powerful and very easy to use

You will need a lot of coding to achieve the things that can easily be done by Leadpages. You will be able to create landing pages without effort when you are using this software. You can easily use this tool even when you have zero coding knowledge. It is easy to integrate webinar solutions and autoresponders.

2. Helps you to create landing pages in a few minutes

It can take several hours to make a landing page the traditional way. After working so hard for several hours to create an attractive landing page, the page may not be as attractive as the page that you can create using lead pages. You can create an attractive landing page using Leadpages in less than 5 minutes. When you use this tool, you will have more time to concentrate on other things that can help you get higher conversions.

3. You can use Analytic to get the best results

You can use Google Analytic to get all the information you need to get the most out of Leadpages. You can analyze different pages of your website to determine the best performing pages. You can then use these pages to get maximum returns from Leadpages.

4. Many different templates are available

There are a lot of templates available. This makes it possible for you to have a landing page that is unique. You will definitely find a template that suits you best.

5. It is cloud based

Leadpages is cloud based. This means that you will not have to go through long process of downloading different elements to install them to your site. This also makes it possible for you to do the things that you wish to do with speed.

6. Allows unlimited Leadpages and traffic

You can create as many pages as you want. There is no limit to the traffic that you can receive. More traffic means more money.

7. Short, helpful video tutorials are available

You may face hurdles along the way if it is your first time using Leadpages. However, there are many short video tutorials that will guide you at every step of the way. It will not take long before you master everything. You will get help for almost everything from these tutorials.

8. Very fast loading times

Landing pages made using Leadpages have very fast loading times. This will help a lot to keep visitors on your page and to reduce your website’s bounce rate.

9. Fast customer support

If you are stuck and you need help, you can easily contact customer support for help. They will respond to your questions or queries very fast.

What are the Cons of lead pages?

1. Some people may be put off by the monthly charges.

2. It does not integrate with all email providers.

3. You will incur an expense when you want to upload a custom template.

What are other people saying about Leadpages around the web?

Leadpages has received a lot of positive reviews. Most online marketers agree that Leadpages in an awesome marketing tool. It provides an easy way for them to generate leads for their businesses. People love the fact that everything is simple and super-fast once they sign up. The themes have been tested and fully optimized for maximum conversions. They love the fact that its easy for them to access several themes. Leadpages also provides them with the ability to make a custom design.

Final Verdict

Leadpages is a perfect tool for anyone who wants to build a list quickly and without much hustle. It has all the features that a serious marketer needs. Leadpages has always been striving to improve its marketing technology. This software continues to change the way online marketers do things. There are a few plans to choose from. When you decide to make use of Leadpages, you will get value for your money.